A global tour operator

Originating from a group with a rich tradition in Brazilian tourism, our journey began in 2020 already strong and well-structured.

Headquartered in Orlando, United States, where we have our own operations, and with strategic offices in Brazil and Canada, we operate as a DMC and a global provider of hotels and services. In addition to all ground services, we offer tours, circuits, vacation home, car rentals expeience, motorhomes, motorcycles, tickets to parks and attractions, sports events, guides, concierge service, and, of course, hotels.

Our operations extend beyond the United States and Brazil; we also have contracts in other destinations around the world, with a focus on the Caribbean, United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Europe, Maldives, and Latin America.

We provide an online reservation system integrated with major hotel chains and directly connected to service providers, with personalized support and assistance. The portal is provided at no cost, in the B2B mode, with Net rates and can be integrated with other platforms.

We have a specialized department for customized programs for FIT and groups, with support and attention 24/7.

Our purpose is to distribute the best international deals with quality in customer service and sales support, utilizing cutting-edge technology and easy payment options.

The ArkBeds brand was inspired by Noah's Ark, synonymous with protection, renewal, transformation, and divine destiny. It is the place where treasures are kept. Noah carries in his ark all the necessary elements for the cyclical restoration of life, ensuring the development of the human species.

Embark and welcome to ArkBeds!